Why is Hanukkah important to me?

For those who aren’t Jewish, Hanukkah is an important Jewish holiday that celebrates the military victory against Greek invaders who tried to suppress the Jewish community. Hanukkah also commemorates the rededication of the Temple which was previously destroyed by the Greek invaders. To me, Hanukkah represents much more than the eight days of presents and festivity. It represents our resilience and power to fight against religious persecution.

For thousands of years, the Jewish community has faced discrimination, oppression, confinement, and death. Hanukkah is a symbolic event that embodies our power to keep moving forward. It’s important to recognize the obstacles and hardships we have gone through to reach our place in the world today. I am proud of my religion. I am proud to be a part of group that values individuality and free speech. I hope you have the best holiday and spend it well with your families or friends!


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