Black Friday

Usually, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. I love being reunited with my family and friends! Not to mention the delicious food and homey recipes! As a busy mother, it’s that time in the year where I can truly relax and hang out with my loved ones. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities to collaborate with amazing company and individuals. Thanksgiving is such a special time for me because I privileged to live my life freely. But it seems like the thanksgiving sentiment goes away when Black Friday rolls around. To be honest, Black Friday seems trivial because it has nothing to do with Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is about being grateful for the things you have, not about something you want to buy!

Now, I understand some families have the Black Friday tradition of going out together and shopping for deals. These families make their Black Friday traditions about spending time with each other and being together. But when other individuals forget to be appreciative about what they have and start creating chaos during the store sales, they erase the spirit of Thanksgiving.

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving. Try to spend time with your family, and don’t cut it short just to get deals!


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