Why It’s Important to Vote!

We’re in the month of November and you know what that means…election day! This year is especially important because the mid-term elections will shape and reform the political landscape—not to mention the future of the Trump presidency. The mid-term elections affects many areas in the legislative branch such as Congress, the House of Representatives, and state legislature seats. As a immigrant, voting is especially important for me because I feel like my voice is finally being recognized. Having the privilege to express your political opinion in other countries is very limited because they suppress their ideas. But in a country that values liberty and free speech, it is our duty to vote so that future generations have better living conditions, healthcare, education, welfare programs, and much more!

I understand we live in highly polarized political climate but despite our differences, it is important to vote for best individuals that will improve our country. I hope you take time out of your day to make a difference in American politics! By voting, you are literally transforming history!


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