Remembering 9/11

Remember. We must remember 9/11. For our country, this is such a sad, difficult time for families who lost loved one that day. As a mother, I don’t know what I would do if I had lost a loved one. 9/11 was one of the most horrific events to have ever occurred in American history. Some people will never be able to forget the tragedy. For many families, they lost loved ones and can’t do anything about it. But despite this disaster, it has taught us to find compassion and perseverance in hard times. During this difficult time, Americans joined together to look after one another and support the families who lost family members/friends. We rose together and reinforced our communities so that an event like this would never occur again.

I understand that it may be hard for us to forgive, but forgiveness allows us to let go of the hatred and sorrow. I thank the Americans who sacrificed their lives for protection of others. They remain in our hearts today. God watches over us and all the families who lost loved ones.


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