Back to a Routine

As of right now, we’re approaching the full swing of going back to school, work, and everything else. Since it’s the start of September, it is extremely important to get back into a routine. As a trainer, having a routine is especially crucial to my success because having the willpower to get back on track is what separates exceptionalism and mediocracy. Getting back to good habits will allow you to complete more throughout the day and it will make you feel amazing! Yes, we are humans and sometimes we slip up but we have the power to start good habits. These are my top tips for getting back into a routine! Enjoy!!


  1. Create a schedule → schedule your habits into your life. Want to start working out? Want to begin reading regularly? Make sure to schedule your habits in your agenda! Give yourself the time and space to do it. It may sacrifice a bit of your time but this is for you.
  2. Make sure to stick to your schedule…even in small ways! When your back on track, it’s inevitable that some of us will slip up but even if you stick to three of your small habits, it will build your long term success!
  3. Let someone know of your lifestyle changes. If I truly want to make a change in my life, I will have to share my goals with a loved-one. I know it may sound silly, but telling someone you want to change is like a having a witness. If they support you by keeping you accountable!
  4. Find a friend who wants to make changes too! This individual will keep you accountable as well! Two is better than one! Both of you will inspire each other to get back on track!
  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s important to not be so hard on ourselves. If we slip up, we will get back on the horse and move forward. Don’t dwell on your mistakes.

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