Know your Real Self-Worth


You are completely stressed out at work. You have to pick up the kids from school and drive them to soccer practice. The projects are piling up and your agenda is packed with school obligations. You think the only way to make room for all of these priorities is by skipping dinner, sacrificing your gym time, and getting rid of your social events. When we are stressed, our self-care is usually the first thing to fly out the window. However, if we put our needs aside, it can diminish our mental health and attitude.

I understand that the word “self-care” sounds indulgent but it’s important to practice self-care because it can actually improve our concentration and our overall well-being. Self-care prevents us from becoming “over-burnt”; we’ve all been at that point where we can’t take anything anymore so we give up but having self-care stops us from reaching that point. Self-care also reduces the harmful effects of stress because we allot some time to look after our bodies and state of minds. Taking a break is essential for productivity because it’s like a restart button after a tiresome activity—it allows us to function at full capacity.

If there’s anything you should take away from this, it this: Self-care is different for every human being. The purpose of self-care is to do something that relaxes your mind and body. Some of us don’t have money to buy expensive spa-days or Equinox memberships so do what replenishes your soul. Some of my favorite ways to practice is self-care is going through my skin care at night, running, having a lunch date with my friends, and journaling. Doing these activities have completely changed my life because I no longer extremely overwhelmed. It has improved my relationships because self-care has taught me to treasure myself. It’s easier said than done but if you carve out some time for yourself, you won’t regret it!

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