The Last Month of Summer


August: the last month of summer. When I think of August, I think of it as the Sunday of the year. Before you know it, school will start up and our days of relaxation will fade away. Time definitely flies by because we are so focused for the start of school. But instead of worrying about what’s to come, enjoy your last month of summer. As summer comes to an end it’s important to take advantage of the last month of summer. You have freedom of not having a tight schedule, driving the kids to school, worrying about little details because everyone wants to relax during the summer. As of right now, you have the freedom to do anything you want without school obligations and the structure of your routine. I encourage you to take advantage of this freedom and weather because it’s essential for our wellbeing. I have provided some a list of ideas to jumpstart your last month of summer bucket list!

  1. Spend a day in nature: Go hiking at one of your local canyons/national parks. One of my favorite places to hike is Fryman Canyon because of its beautiful view of Los Angeles. Spending a day in nature kills two birds with one stone because you get your daily workout in and you decompress your state of mind!
  2. Sleep in late: Because once school starts, you won’t be able to do this anymore.
  3. Go to the beach: I love going to Malibu and Venice because just being around the water instantly relaxes me. I feel alive and rejuvenated!
  4. Visit a museum: One of my favorite pastimes are going to museums because I learn so much more about different cultures and expand my knowledge! I genuinely enjoy learning about the different types of art movements and methods. I recommend you visit the Getty Villa, it’s so serene and gorgeous! If you’re more of a science person, you should visit the California Science Center.
  5. Walk through historic towns: One of the my favorite places to walk through is Olvera Street is a vibrant Latino hub of traditions and history. This is an area of cultural diversity and delicious food! I recommend you take a tour of the stunning, historic town!
  6. Connect with old friends: Visiting old friends is an important part to my summer because I love seeing how my friends are doing. It brings me back to bittersweet memories and reminds me of how much we’ve grown!
  7. Take a bike ride: Bike riding is such an awesome activity because there are so many benefits! You work your leg muscles and decrease your ecological footprint! Taking a bike ride through your community allows you to discover new parts of your city and meet new people!
  8. Go to a farmer’s market: Attending a farmer’s market is such an positive way to buy healthy, nutritious vegetables and support local farmers!
  9. Spend a day with your family: It’s important to spend as much time with your family before school starts because soon enough we’ll all be busy with school priorities, sport events, social invites, etc.

I hope this ideas inspire your last month of summer! Make the most of this last month!

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