Spectacular Summer Picnics

Summer! Summer! Summer! No better way to celebrate summer than with picnics! Whether it is going to the beach or to a park or even to your backyard you can have a summertime picnic just about anywhere. I want to share with you how to picnic my way. The best part about my way to picnic is that it not only contains amazing food filled with summer flavors, but the food is also good for you. A picnic with minimal cooking, and a menu of great summer flavors filled with your all-time favorite foods with my healthy twist.

When you think of Summer sips what comes to your mind? Something extremely refreshing with a fruity base right? Lemonade, watermelon, peach? Well I have them all here. Watermelon Whim from Suja, my favorite organic cold pressed juice company. Next to it we have Suja’s peach Kombucha, filled with amazing flavors while promoting gut health. And what is summer without Lemonade? This is my Limonana, made with Suja lemon love and fresh mint.


Next I have a few ciabatta sandwiches and wraps made with meats and cheeses. But instead of mayo or heavy spreads, we are using Sadaf’s ready humus on the bread and adding pickles and olive from Sadaf. I am also suggest using low sodium turkey and salami, part-skim cheeses.


Now how about some salads? Here I have a Tuna salad made with Sadaf tuna, and I added a tiny bit of lite mayo some celery and spices. Next I have a healthy egg salad made with mustard and spices, you can eat it like deviled eggs, or add it on top of any vegetable (like a lettuce cup).

What is a picnic without mac and cheese? My version is high in protein and good for you. Why? Because I used quinoa pasta and replaced the milk with Suja’s plant protein milk Very creamy and yummy, perfect as a side with your sandwich.

Last, but not least we have desserts. WOW!! How about a fresh cut watermelon filled with all these beautiful summer fruits? (take a cup half filled with yogurt and add fruit). Strawberry lemon bars made with Sugar 2.0. This is an amazing new product they took ordinary sugar and added enough fiber to it. Not only are you  decreasing the sugar but you are increasing the fiber in your diet I did the same thing for the Chocolate chip cookies.




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