What I call freedom

Happy 4th of July! Lately I have been thinking about what it means to be an American. This country has been dealing with a lot of issues but I really think we should take a second and reflect on how proud we should be for being an American.

We hear the word freedom a lot but what does freedom really mean? I believe to a lot of people freedom can mean many things depending on who you are asking. To me freedom means opportunity, being able to speak your mind without being punished, being able to fight for a cause without being persecuted. As a young girl I have been through a lot, it wasn’t easy for me, there was a lot of struggle and a lot of hardship I had to face. It wasn’t until I was given the opportunity to come to America and basically start a new life. The word opportunity means so much to me and I really believe that America is the land of opportunity.

I was given so many chances when I came to America and because of what I dealt with back at home I acted so fast on these chances and turned them into what I am today. I am a strong believer in this country because it has given me so much, even though we are experiencing a bad time we must not forgot to use our voices and speak up! That is what I consider freedom. The best part about this country is that we are allowed to fight for ourselves, fight for others, express ourselves, be who we want to be. There are so many people around the world who are not allowed to be who they really are. America gives us the chance to show who we truly are and to stand up and be proud. That is what I call freedom.

We should all be taking advantage of the freedom we have and put it to good use, make something out of nothing. If there’s a will there’s a way, our will is our freedom and we should embrace the fact that not a lot of people are as lucky as we are. We should really be grateful for everything our country has given us. Always fight for what you believe, we have the power to make things happen.


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