We are only human


As we are coming close to the end of July I want to touch on the constant news coverage of the treatment of immigrants. The beginning of July we celebrated freedom and how proud we are to be Americans, but it is extremely unfortunate to hear the news about how immigrants are being treated and being taken away from their families. A lot of people don’t understand that this is home to many and The United States is all they have ever known. People, especially younger kids come to The United States and adopt American customs and when they are being targeted by the government and sent back to their country they are being taken away from the only thing that they know. The United States has been known as the land of opportunity, people come to seek the “American dream” yet slowly but surely that is being taken away from people.

Whatever your political stance may be is your own free will, no one should coerce you and change your mind. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and the best part about being an American is being allowed to freely speak on what you believe in. At the end of the day we are all human, we all have hopes and dreams, some of those dreams we wouldn’t be able to pursue if we weren’t American. We need to share our wealth, and our freedom with people. This country was built on immigrants and instead of sending them back to their countries we should find ways to help them. Everyone should be given a chance like our grandparents and their grandparents. We should all love each other and never forgot that we are only human and every single person should be treated like so.


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