Phone detox

Detoxing from your phone is not something you hear very often, probably because it seems unlikely to accomplish these days. Our phones have become a necessity more than a luxury. We are able to do just about anything and everything from the comfort of our phones. Our dependence for our phones has consumed our everyday lives so much so that it comes across like we can’t live without them.

Famous Music and Television Producer Simon Cowell is one of the few who have indulged in this new form of detoxing. A phone detox is where you don’t use your phone and go on with your everyday life. Simon Cowell is a businessman, it seems unlikely he would be able to prosper without his phone, however, one of his reasons for the phone detox was because he was tired of being in meetings and people always on their phones. For Cowell, it was a big step for him to completely shut down his phone for a period of time because a lot of people conduct business with their phones. According to Cowell, while not using his phone he felt more happier and considered this to be “good for his mental health.”

We become obsessed with our phones that we forgot how to interact with people in person. Everything is done by e-mail and text messages that calling people has lost its purpose. We are influenced everyday when we go on Instagram and scroll for hours it seems like we are stuck in a trance that is hard to break out of. When we wake up we check Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, throughout the day we do the same and right before bed, we do one last sweep of all those social media accounts. We need to learn how to make time for ourselves and instead of checking our phones the second we wake up, try meditating, get yourself ready for the day. That can change so much on the productivity of your day.

The purpose for our phones are based on necessary communication and entertainment, we should not to be consumed by the entertainment from our phone. You are in control of your phone, don’t let your phone control you. You have to remember that your phone will always be there, the content on social media will always be there. Don’t let your life pass you by, embrace every moment in your life. Live your truth, it’s more fulfilling than becoming a drone to your phone. You will have no one else to thank but yourself when you start to see happiness and what life is like without being chained to your phone. Having ownership over your thoughts, feelings, and actions will help you change destructive patterns.

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