Fathers Day gift ideas & Summer Must haves!

Summer is finally here and there are many exciting things we can look forward to in June especially Fathers Day! As much as we love to share our gratitude and love to all those who represented father figures in our lives, we always get stuck with trying to figure out gift ideas. I know that I have always had this problem, what do you give someone who has given you their all? In this blog, I will share my personal handpicked amazing gift ideas for fathers, grandfathers and even for the whole family. The best part about these ideas is that they are perfectly fitting for summer.

First I have something that would make a great Father’s Day gift, and that is a bathrobe and set of towels.You would be surprised to know the difference between using great quality towels and robes. Robes are all the rage right now and with these robes from Luxor-Linens you will not be disappointed with the 100% Egyptian cotton that comes with every stitch. The best part about it is you can customize it with a personal monogram just for your father. Not only that it keeps getting better, Luxor-Lines is doing a Father’s Day sale!  If your father or grandfather or someone special isn’t a robe type of person, they also have amazing bath towels. With these towels they will have the same comfort as the robes and just like the robes you can also customize them with a monogram. You can find all these luxurious set of towels and robes here.

Another amazing must have is not so much an item but more of an experience for all of those hard working dads out there. Not only that this must have can benefit the whole family. If you live in the SoCal area this one is especially for you, I’m talking about Paradise Point, which is located in Mission Bay San Diego one of San Diego’s premier waterfront resort. At Paradise Point they offer all newly renovated suits and bungalows, six delicious choices for dining, five swimming pools, and access to the full marina. To book your next getaway you can do so by clicking here.

Next, we have fashion activewear that can be used not only for fathers but for everyone in the family. One of the best parts about prAna is their products utilize 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is good for the soil, the ecosystem, and better for farmers and their families and they save 115 gallons of water by switching from cotton shirts to organic cotton. They create versatile, stylish, and sustainable clothing and accessories that you can wear during every activity, every adventure, every day, especially during summer outdoor days. You can check out paAna amazing and comfortable activewear here.

The last two items I have for my summer must haves are more for an overall summer time vibe. I have been obsessing over Bali juice. Oh my goodness this juice is amazing! What I love the most about this they use the mangosteen fruit, this is a super fruit that it takes 15 years for the trees to grow before they bear fruit. That’s right 15 years! Full of rare antioxidants, they are great for skin and longevity. A sweet and refreshing juice perfect for a summer day. Bali juice contains only a single ingredient (Mangosteen), no chemicals, or preservatives, not from concentrate, no added sugars or sweeteners or anything else. Just pure Mangosteen. The best part about this juice is that you can find it at any big chain grocery store such as Albertsons, Vons and Pavilions.

Last but not least is something that would be extremely useful for all those summertime cookouts and BBQs. This is of course, is a knife set by Zwilling J.A Henckles. The prestigious cut of these knives has to be an essential for the summertime, nothing is worse than having a cookout for your friends and family and can’t make a nice cut in that juicy steak. This is why I strongly believe this set should be a must have when it comes to entertaining your guest with food. You can browse and order this amazing summer essential here.


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