Praying For Texas

We are so fortunate to be able to live in one of the most influential countries in the whole world. The United States is the front-runner for the most progressive concepts and lifestyles for the majority of its citizens and the world recognizes us as such. When we are so highly considered by the rest of the world, it’s can be quite concerning to still be represented as a country that has no control over gun violence.

We have yet to reach the middle of the year and the United States has already seen 101 mass shootings in 2018. This is the most alarming thing I’ve read. Let’s put that in perspective. Today is the 142nd day of the year. That means thus far, we have faced only forty-two days this year without mass shootings. Collectively, about a month and a half out of almost six months. This doesn’t even include the deadliest mass shooting that happened less than a year ago in Las Vegas.

When we talk about gun laws, most of us are lucky enough to not be one of the people speaking with the experience of one of these awful and ongoing events. When you hear those outside the experience talk about gun law reform it’s all very influenced by their right to bear arms or the loss of their rights as an American citizen. However, it’s different when you not only listen to but observe someone with the misfortune of losing someone or experiencing such a horrifying thing.

The victims of gun violence speak with desperation to save us all. When Emma Gonzalez speaks, there is evident passion fueled by fear from what she has personally experienced at an institution that most parents feel to be safe and sacred. We, as parents, are losing this sanctity and peace of mind with where we leave our children for the majority of their day to receive education and enlightenment. When people challenge Ms. Gonzalez’s approach to gun reform, they are not considering that she is now stripped of this trust in the system and we have failed her and her peers by not providing them with what all children are entitled to. Education without the fear for their lives.


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