Moms of Teenagers

As a child, you are in love with your mom. There’s no doubt about it. They’re your best friend and support system, through and through. I think it’s safe to say that as teenagers, things are not the same. As a mother to a teenager, I’m facing these facts myself.

As a mother, I’m constantly told “you don’t understand, Mom.” The truth is, that I can not in all honesty say that I fully do. We’d all like to believe that we know exactly what’s going on in our kids’ lives and minds but the reality is that that’s an illusion. Our typical response to “you don’t understand” might be, “I was once a teenager,” but it’s so different being a teenager now than it ever has been.

When I look at the world my child is growing up in, I can not imagine going through the things that her teenage mind is processing. Our teenagers are people that are stuck between childhood and adulthood and with social media, they think they can close that gap. There’s so much pressure on there to grow up and be these instagram models, and work for fame.

The need to become closer with our teenagers is more urgent than ever as anyone with “clout” can become their next role model. I think as much as it may be hard to do so, we have to strive to be our teenager’s friends and not just their mothers. Learn what they love and get to know them better. You’d be shocked at how much substance they really have. The reverse is also true, they don’t need us to be just their friends. They need us as the authority as well. Half of them is still a child in need of guidance and this is where the mother in us takes the wheel.


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