Mental Illness Today

We are living in an increasingly social world. Everything we do, can and will be seen. Everyone is interconnected and the effects of this modern form of socialization are impactful. We are exposed to thousands of different kinds of content in any given day whether it’s pictures on Instagram or opinions voiced on Facebook and as a result we’ve built an emotional wall between what we see in the real and virtual world. All the exposure we get of the world has hardened us and made us insensitive to what we read or say which is why we have a concerning pattern of people interacting inappropriately with those who suffer from mental illness.

Whether you’re interacting with someone who suffers with mental illness face to face or online, you have to maintain respect and you have to consider your online presence as an accurate representation of your real life presence. Who you say you are online is who you are in real life and what you say online reflects that.

    When you’re online and you accuse someone of being crazy or treat them with disrespect, you cannot be sure of the impression you leave with them. Not that you should ever call anyone crazy or treat them with disrespect, but for anyone suffering with depression or anxiety or suffering with suicidal thoughts these messages hit hard.

   Having to suffer with mental illnesses is hard on its own. A lot of it comes from social anxiety as it is. We can help those who suffer through it by being more conscious and caring as a whole. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind.


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