Mother’s Day

Lifestyle-06466When we were young, we always had mom do everything for us. She was the house chef, the counselor, nurse, and everything in between. When you have such a giving presence in your life, it’s easy to take for granted how much sacrifice is put into giving. For this Mother’s Day, I would like to reflect on everything mom has done for us.

When you give to someone, you are sacrificing something; that’s what adds value to what you’re giving, giving a piece of what is yours. Whether it’s money, time, an old valuable, or love, you’re giving something that you could have held onto. That’s where the sacrifice comes in. Our moms have been sacrificing all of the above for us our entire lives. The only difference between how we give and how they give is that in their hearts, they are not losing, but gaining from giving to us. They still sacrifice the value of what they gave to us, however, in their hearts, when we gain, they gain.

A mother’s love for their child surpasses anything in the world. You may have heard this many times before and it’s been said for hundreds of years. This serves to give evidence to the statement. It’s why our mothers go out of the way to do everything that they do for us. It’s why they are willing to give us everything while feeling like they’ve lost nothing.

There is no doubt that there is an amazing amount of strength in their hearts. We feel it when we express our vulnerabilities to them. When we tell them our concerns, fears, and insecurities, it’s not easy for them to hear, surely, nobody wants to hear that their child is experiencing anything hard. But, there is so much security in how they accept you that all your tribulations somehow become smaller and more manageable.

There’s so much power in being loved and even if we are all alone in this world, we are guaranteed to have something for sure. Whether you’re one of the fortunate people in this world who can spend this Mother’s Day with mom or if you’re someone who is celebrating apart for whatever reason, without a doubt, you are guaranteed the love of mom.


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