We are so blessed to be living in a time where everything is so accessible to us. We can have have access to a worldwide market, to research, to pictures of what Madonna had for lunch, and so much more in just seconds. These resources that we have are so amazing and powerful that they can be easily abused.

When you scroll through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook you are absorbing so many images of what people are putting out there for the public eye. This is their public self and, naturally, their best self. We see these things; the boutique clothes and accessories they wear, the money, the cars they drive, and believe that this is what we need to work towards. When we absorb these images, we start to believe that our goals should reflect them and that the content of these images are what makes someone successful. This is the common misunderstanding that we encounter when we are constantly surrounded by these false standards of success.

In my life, I’ve worked with celebrity clients, I’ve worked with people who drive the fancy cars, own the most beautiful houses, and have the multimillion dollar businesses and they all agree on one thing; these external goods are not the things that define them. They are not the dollar value of their bank accounts and they are not the real estate that they own. The money, the cars, the clothes, they’re all classified as external success. They do not reflect  the measure of how successful you truly are. The most powerful people I know do not measure success by ways of material goods because it doesn’t include the value of your core. True success is the value of the person you are and what you have to offer to others. Who we are is not external and the “things” we have in this life are all temporary.

I believe that people who measure success by the amount of material goods they possess are troubled. Why? It is because they lay all their eggs in the basket of the material world. They either do not believe that they are valuable enough to offer just themselves to the world or they have not put in the effort to make themselves their most valuable commodity.

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