Thoughts vs Beliefs


Everything we do starts with a thought. Thoughts are very powerful vibrations of energy and they are made possible by us; our minds. Thoughts are the things that lead you to get up and start a new career, they are the reason people are able to innovate and thoughts are the things that bring actual change into our lives.

We are given the opportunity every day to make the most of our thoughts and to follow through with them. The trouble most people encounter is following through with that second step. The first and the most simple step is being able to create the thoughts and ideas that become your goals.  The second step is actually believing that you can do it. Believing is different from thinking. Thinking sounds like “Kate Hudson is fit. She works out regularly. Working out could help me get fit.” Believing on the other hand sounds like “I believe I can workout regularly and be fit like Kate Hudson.” This second step is what cripples people in acting out their thoughts. Believing in your thoughts and believing in yourself.

Believing in yourself starts small. It starts with understanding that we are all as capable as anyone else to succeed. We may all start at different places in our lives; some may start with more money or more resources but that never stopped the J.K. Rowling’s, the Steve Jobs’s, or the Oprah Winfrey’s of our world. They all became successful despite having troubled beginnings. What separates their stories from all others? Their drive. They believed in themselves so much that they were truly able to invest in themselves. The powerful force of being able to believe in themselves gave them the drive to do things like write award winning books, create the most commonly used form of technology, and to build an empire.

In the end, thoughts are only as important as the follow through. To think you can do something is not enough. If you stop at just thinking, you have not come full circle yet. Believe in yourself and you will empower yourself. Use this as your driving force and only then will you become unstoppable.

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