Why this is my favorite time of the year


My favorite time of year is here. I LOVE  December and January- the holiday season! Everyone is kinder and happier, more willing to laugh and have fun, and more willing to give and be open to others, including strangers. I think the idea of getting to celebrate something  makes people happier- I know it makes me happy. In our daily lives, we have so much going on, it is hard not to worry and wonder about the future. However, the holiday season is a celebration where we know we get some time off work to relax and enjoy the presence of the most important people in our lives. That saying “the holiday season spreads like a wildfire.” is an understatement.

During the holiday seasons, I notice people are more present and open to living in the moment. I encourage this so much because all we really have in life are memories. Being present allows us to make beautiful memories that we can always look back on, and lot of my best memories are during the holiday season. The leaves falling to the ground and changing color, the holiday spirit, the weather, the coziness, the tasty- warm drinks (including Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte of course), the colorful decorations. I also notice how people are more open to others and wish they were a little more like this throughout the whole year. I think the holidays remind us of what is really important in life, building connection with others. This is why I encourage us to be present and reflective this holiday season so we hopefully apply it throughout the year and be kinder and happier people.

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