Pick Your Battles (Wisely)


We have all heard the phrase “pick your battles.” What does this even mean? It is definitely complicated, but maybe more intuitive than we may think. Choosing your battles involves being selective, not indecisive. Be choosy of the problems, arguments, and confrontations in which you decide to get involved. Choose ones you really need the answer or solution to, not the petty or prideful ones. Instead of fighting every problem, save your time only for the ones that matter. This means the most important battles, the ones that give you the highest payoff, and ones where you have a good chance of success. Here are four  tips to help you choose your battles in all areas:

1) Think about what is REALLY important: Is it really worth getting into a heated argument over your kid having an untidy room? This is not a huge deal in life’s bigger picture. Do not pick battles that eventually will not matter, because you end up wasting your time and energy.

2) Some problems may seem annoying, but the payoff does not outweigh the cost. Dealing with such problems will only waste your time since the cost outweighs the benefit. Choose battles where benefits > costs.

3) Think win-win. Always wish positivity onto others, even if they may not deserve it. Choose battles where you can both benefit, so everyone can end up happy.

4) Remember the battle is against the conflict not your opponent. Try not to make arguments too personal. When people feel personally attacked, things can get ugly FAST!

Choosing your battles is hard. There is no doubt about it, but i think it is so important to choose your battles wisely. Always try to fight a winning battle at both ends, because no one likes to lose and everyone deserves happiness!

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