The Importance of Self-Care

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Self-care is so important and highly underrated in today’s world. I think a big part of taking care of ourselves is nourishing and feeding our bodies in a healthy way. I want all of us to make a commitment to take care of our bodies in 2018. This means letting go of the dieting, letting go of the food deprivation, letting go of associating the amount of food we eat with being a good or a bad person, and of course letting go of our attachment to the number on the scale. Our goal should be improved health and therefore an improved quality of life. Whatever diet we follow should support that!

Food is fuel. Our lives do not have to revolve around our diets or the way we eat. We should commit to making healthy choices but allowing ourselves to eat the food we want to. This is what I do for example, I want chocolate for a snack but I do not want to over-indulge and have a whole chocolate bar. I will have a banana first and then have my chocolate. This way I make the choice to nourish my body with nutritious food and I also allow myself to indulge in the food I want. I think we need to listen to our bodies; mindful eating is the best. Eat when we are hungry and stop when we are full. Make room for all foods but do not over-eat. Once we allow ourselves to eat what we want, food stops having a power over us. There is a reason diets do not work!

What I like to do is focus on my “soul self.” To me, this is my inner core, who I really am and what matters to me the most in my life. I like to practice gratitude and feel grateful for my body and all that it allows me to. Then I am more motivated to take care of and nourish it. My “soul self” does not care about scales, calories, or clothing sizes. I care about happiness, relationships, and helping other people transform their lives. I remind myself daily that what matters to me is the size of my heart and the love that I give — not the size of my thighs or my waist. What matters to me the most is spreading compassion and kindness, not fitting into a certain jean size. The bottom line is: Food should provide nourishment, energy, shared experience, and enjoyment. That is healthy eating, not dieting or unnecessary food deprivation! And of course, what matters the most is how we feel and how we treat ourselves and others.


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