Primal Kitchen: Incredible Products & Authentic People


Oh my god. I have an unhealthy (but actually healthy) obsession with Primal Kitchen. I feel so blessed and honored to have partnered with Primal Kitchen. The creator, Mark Sisson is truly amazing. He created Primal Kitchen’s incredible products with his passion for health and fitness in mind – and it shows. I use his products in almost all of my Healthy Indulgence dinners and salad recipes because they are nutritious and make my meals even more tasty. The salad dressings and condiments are full of natural fats, super-foods, anti-oxidant-rich, high-ORAL scoring herbs and spices, synthetic vegetable and fish oils and of course — no artificial flavors or fillers. I was drawn to partner with Mark’s company Primal Kitchen because I am someone that believes in feeding ourselves with natural ingredients, meaning that if we cannot pronounce the ingredients in a food, we should not eat it! All of Primal Kitchen’s products have pronounceable and natural ingredients, which is hard to find in today’s world.

Another reason I am OBSESSED with Primal Kitchen is that all the people I meet that work there are authentic and live out the company’s philosophies and values. Primal Kitchen’s employees hope to empower more people to “take responsibility of their own health and enjoyment of life by investing, discussing, and critically rethinking what we have assumed to be true about health and fitness.” Primal Kitchen does not promote dieting, and neither do I. Rather we promote making healthy lifestyle choices and healthily indulging in the foods that we enjoy. I am so grateful that Primal Kitchen shares this by bringing delicious and nutrient sauces available to all of us. I applaud Primal Kitchen’s mission to help people get healthy, as I share this mission. I encourage everyone to check out their website and buy their products. I promise there will be no disappointment.


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