Why I love Suja Juice and you should too!

suja 3.jpg

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to team up with the company Suja Juice. Suja Juice is an incredible company for many reasons. One of the first things that attracted me to this company was their message of “organic food being a grocery, not a luxury.” I think everyone should have access to healthy, organic food and I make it my priority to work with other health and wellness companies that believe the same. Their philosophy is “ we believe in equal opportunity healthy organics for all, so all may live a long and beautiful life.” How could I not want to pair with a company that promotes this beautiful vision?

Suja also promotes the idea that health is the key to happiness. I have wrote a whole book about this, my Healthy Indulgence Book. My book is not just a cookbook, I have incorporated many life lessons about self-care inside. All of my philosophies align with Suja’s values! When I work with my clients and help them lose weight, I emphasize that they should not diet. I emphasize that they should not restrict their foods. Instead, I encourage them to listen to their bodies and notice how their bodies feel. Do they feel energized, tired, anxious? Because I think that like Suja says, “when we juice without the junk, we feel it.” To me, this means that we feel what we put into our bodies. If we constantly fuel it with junk, we will feel like junk. If we fuel it with nutritious, healthy foods, we will feel healthier and more energetic. Suja’s commitment to spreading their amazing philosophies and values make them such a incredible company to work with. They actually practice what they preach and are authentic! Everybody needs to check them out. They will become obsessed with Suja like I am!


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