5 Ways to Unplug and Be Present


I know you have all heard about the concept of unplugging, but many of you have not tested the concept out yourself. I think there is a slight misconception about what unplugging means. It does not mean taking time off work to go to the mountains and meditate for a week. It does not mean becoming some hippie who lives in the woods and does not own a computer or a phone. These are the extremes that people’s minds tend to go to! Unplugging involves disconnecting from the chaos of life! I believe unplugging can be done any time, anywhere, any day ! So let’s get started. How can you unplug? Here are five simple and sustainable ways:

Turn off your phones for at least one hour after you wake up each morning:  Remove the cell phone from beside your bed. Put it on the other side of the room.  If your phone serves as your alarm clock, maybe buy a cheap alarm clock. Instead of being on your phone, use the morning time to set your goals for the day. You will find yourself with a more clear head and the ability to actually be MORE productive throughout the day!

Commit to using your laptop when at work instead of your phone:  Let’s face it. It is so easy to get distracted when on our phones. We might be about to check our work e-mails and then end up checking our personal Instagram feed. It happens to everyone, I am sure of it! We are less likely to have these distraction on our laptop because it is not as easy as the mobile apps on our phones!

Commit to taking a break from social media during your lunch hour: Take a break from social media during your lunch hour so that you can really take the time to engage in some self-care activities. Looking at our phones and comparing our lives to others does us no good. Instead, take a walk, listen to music, or hang out with your co-workers during your lunch hour. You will feel much more refreshed afterwards! ]

Meditate: Meditation is a great way to calm the mind and practice being in the present moment, something being on our phones constantly prevents us from! Studies have shown that meditation improves our abilities to regulate emotions in the brain. This includes stress and anxiety! It is one of the best way to ground ourselves.

Do What Feeds Your Soul: Let your mind, body, and soul rest. Go on a hike, walk, bungee-jumping. Read a book. Go to the movie theaters. Rock climb. Hang out with your friends, spouse, children, parents. Do what feeds your soul and makes you feel good about yourself and HAPPY!

We are a  generation that is wired and obsessed with technology. We are on our phones ALL of the time. Go to your local coffee shop or grocery store and you will know what I am talking about! Interestingly enough, the part of our brain that lights up when we use social media is the same as the one that lights up when we eat chocolate! That is how much pleasure we get from technology use. So there is no doubt that it is addicting. However, I encourage you to take a break from it because it is not as authentic as soul-feeding activities such as family time! Like everything in life, stay balanced.

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