The Power of Letting Go


We have all heard the phrase “the power of letting go.” I think this is so important! Letting go of our external surroundings and trusting the universe to handle our lives is what allows us to move forward. While holding on might seem fulfilling, it is actually what holds us back. It is not real and authentic “freedom.” A willingness to walk away from our negative or unhelpful surroundings is courageous and necessary for us to live happy and healthy lives. Although we might feel like we are “giving up,” we are actually moving on to something potentially better! Letting go does not make us weak people. However, we may experience fear and anxiety because we do not know what will happen next. I think it is human nature to have a “fear of the unknown.” But I do not think that we should give in to this fear. This is where trust comes in. Trust is hard. There is no doubt about this. It involves taking a risk and a chance. It involves potentially getting hurt or having high, unrealistic expectations. And trusting in something as ambiguous as the “universe” might seem impossible.  Simply believe. Believing is trusting. Believe that everything will work out for you. Believe in yourself. Believe in moving on. Believe in letting go. And most importantly, believe that the universe will handle  your life in a way that is ultimately helpful for you. Like I said, believing is trusting. Always remember the importance of letting go and moving on as this is what gives us freedom from the negative,  and ultimately  happiness!

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