6 Ways to Reduce Time on your Phone


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We live in a time where our cell phone is treated like another human being. I run in to people who seem like they are living in their phone. They cannot take one second off of looking at their phone. Although it might sound ridiculous, it is purely cell-phone addiction.  We can not go a few minutes without checking our email, calling our kids, or checking Instagram. Here are 6 simple ways you can reduce time on your phone:

  1. Turn off notifications
  • One of the reasons we are on our phones so much is because little notifications pop up that urge us to read it right away. If you turn off your notifications, you can save them for later and check all of the messages together.
  1. Set up phone- free times daily
  • Create a time in the day where there is absolutely no cell-phone usage. Whether its dinner time, at the gym, or at mom’s house, abide to the rules.
  1. Check how much time you are spending on your phone
  • There are many apps out there that show you how many minutes or hours you have spent on your phone for the day. This is a wake-up call for many people.
  1. Use a clock as an alarm clock
  • If you wake yourself up with your cell-phone, chances are you will waste some time checking social media or emails when you wake up. Use a clock as an alarm clock to start your day instead.
  1. Take a break from your most used apps
  • Hide your apps on your phone to places that are not as easily accessible. Put your most-used apps in folders so you are not obliged to click on them right away.
  1. Deactivate your accounts for a while
  • Deactivate your Instagram, Facebook, or any social media outlet you use for a period of time and see the life changing difference. You will soon get used to this and not have the tendency to constantly check your phone. After a while, you will not have an interest in checking the social media sites.

To say the least, many of us are addicted to our cell phones. Follow some of the tips from above to lessen the time on your phone.








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