Thoughts Become Things

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 5.58.43 PM.png

Whether we would like it to or not, every thought becomes a thing. Each and every one of our thoughts have an affect in our future. Those occasional thoughts we have to go back to school or to have another child have meaning. This is why we must take charge of our thoughts and train your brain to be in control of your thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality, life, relationships, words, habits, behavior patterns, and lifestyle. So how do we control our mind? It is really important to carefully choose what thoughts you accept. The thoughts you accept become your life’s building block. You need to learn how to focus your mind and not take captive of every thought that comes to your mind.  I always teach my clients that we don’t even have a fraction of a second to waste on thoughts that do not serve us. Embrace and immediately let go of thoughts that are not letting you grow as an individual.

As humans, we have unlimited potential to do anything we want… Anything we set our minds to! There are many ways we can train our minds to become stronger and more powerful. Do crossword puzzles, write in a journal, mediate, take silence breaks, analyze your thoughts. All of these exercises will help you turn your mind into a positive-thinking-powerhouse.

All the thoughts we have throughout the day will turn into things. Because we have many negative thoughts that we do not want to express, it is important to train your mind. Meditate or write in a journal to keep your mind going.

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