Helping Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey: What Can We Do To Help? 


For two weeks now, Texas has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey, the strongest hurricane to hit the United States since Charley in 2004.  In the first four days of rainfall, the state received over 40 inches of rain, leaving thousands of residents displaced by floods. The hurricane has shown no signs of slowing, spreading towards Louisiana, and into Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, and the Yucatan Peninsula. In a desperate time like this, we cannot act passively, we must take advantage of our own blessings by providing help to those in need.


Even though I am not personally impacted by the Hurricane here in Los Angeles, I have chosen to stay connected by staying updated and educated about this national tragedy.  One of the problems within our nation is that we tend to ignore disasters that do not affect us directly. However, it is important for us, as US citizens, to remain informed about the problems plaguing our nation.  This might be watching the news, or reading online articles. More than anything else we should help the cause by donating to the victims. This could mean anything from sharing our prayers, to delivering clothes and food to the affected. Regardless of how you choose to help, your charity will certainly be felt. The hope is that, should we face a disaster ourselves, others will be there for us as we have been there for them.


One lesson to learn from this national disaster is that everything we have can be gone by tomorrow. The residents affected by this hurricane went to bed the night before, unaware that their home, and their belongings would be completely destroyed by the next day.  Remember not to take any day, any possession, or any individual in your life for granted.  Don’t delay having fun, or you’ll regret denying yourself of potentially life-changing experiences.  Don’t delay talking to family. Don’t hold stubborn grudges, when you could be spending your days developing positive relationships.  Hurricane Harvey should be a wake-up call to everyone.  Live your with great purpose and appreciate the little things in life, because they can be taken away in an instant.


I have watched so many news videos interviewing those affected by the hurricane.  Even though some of these individuals are homeless, or have lost loved ones, they do not complain about their situation. Rather than focus on the negative changes they have experienced, they project such positivity and gratefulness simply for being alive.   It is a shame that it takes a natural disaster to remind us to be appreciative of what we have, but this type of attitude should serve as an example of the way we should be living our own lives.


As we speak, Hurricane Harvey continues to affect and alter the lives of thousands. As one of the most devastating natural disasters in US history, we must give and take from this experience. Give your prayers, and donations, and take on a more positive outlook on life. At a time like this, it is important that, despite our differences, we learn from one another and unite under one common cause.

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