The Making of Daily OM

The Making of Daily OM


After finishing my book, Healthy Indulgence, I wanted to fully dedicate myself and my team to the development and creation of this course. I had a clear vision of the kind of content I wanted to share, so I wanted to be able to express these ideas in the clearest, simplest way possible for the viewers.  In creating Daily OM, my goal was to reach millions of people across the country, and make an impact on them by transforming their lives in any way, shape, or form.  If I am able to do that, I know that I, and the course, have succeeded.


The team and I first began shooting at a home in North Hollywood. We got creative with the shooting locations since we did not want viewers to see the same background in every video. Because we wanted varied backdrops, we did plenty of scouting and experimenting to ensure that the chosen settings were pleasing to the eye, and looked and sounded good on camera.  Finding the perfect shot often involved moving around furniture, or rearranging pictures on the wall.  I wanted the focus of my videos to be my words and the lessons, so it was best for the decor, and background to be as simple as possible.  We also filmed several videos outdoors, because the team felt that the topics of some lessons seemed to fit a more casual, open air vibe. However, although we found some great shots by the pool outside, we had to work with the inevitable noise from dogs barking, and airplanes passing overhead.  Through every struggle on set, the team communicated and collaborated to create a quick solution.  


We then began shooting at my dear friend, Mark Tenenbaum’s house. He was kind enough to let us film, cook and rearrange furniture in his beautiful home for about two weeks of filming. Because the home is very well-lit, (a bonus anytime you’re not filming), we ran into difficulty finding locations that didn’t cast too much light on camera. However, the team was able to tackle these problems by shooting at different times of day, or blocking the light from the windows.  


The final day of shooting wrapped with the filming of chocolate cooking videos.  The overall mood on set was very positive. We were excited to see the course coming together, and the wide assortment of tasty food from one of our generous sponsors, Milk And Eggs, kept the team well-fed too!  After completing the scheduled videos, we were left with delicious desserts to share with Mark and the entire team. Surrounded by good food, and good spirits, it was a great end to Daily OM filming!


This has been one of the most fulfilling and memorable moments in my life.  Through this experience I have conquered my fear of talking in front of the camera and learned to get comfortable speaking with my accent.  Being able to see my vision for these courses come to life is so exciting, and I absolutely cannot wait for the rest of the world to see the project I, and my team have been working so hard on.  

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