The Real Deal with Juice Cleanses

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 8.18.39 PM.pngIt would make sense to say that drinking solely juice would be a healthy diet because of the high nutrients in fruits and vegetables. This is not the case, however. Juices and smoothies are an amazing part of a diet, but should not be the only thing you consume. Drinking juice a couple of times a day for a week will mean you will be consuming a large amount of sugar. We never want too much sugar in our diet. Juicing the vegetable or juice destroys many of its beneficial compounds, so eating the fruits and vegetables raw would give you more of the nutrients. You need nutrients that are lacking in fruits and juices. Protein, fiber, and other key ingredients that give you energy cannot be found exclusively in fruits and vegetables. The lack of these ingredients might make you feel drained and dizzy, or even starving. If you were to add nuts, oils, or avocados to give yourself more protein, you would be adding up to 1000 extra calories to the drink and diminish its purpose to help you lose weight. People who have a juice or smoothie as well as breakfast are increasing their chances of gaining weight rather than losing weight. A recent study showed that juice cleanses will not help you lose fat, but muscle mass. Additionally, your body will get used to only consuming juices, so when you start eating food again, you will be more likely to gain the weight. Researches have stated that there is no way around eating healthy. Forget the tricks and fads of drinking juices and just eat the nutrients needed for the body. The juice is not a magic fix, and will not make up for the bad food you have eaten before.

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