What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Kim Kardashian-West

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Kim Kardashian-West


Regardless of whether you love, (or love to hate) her, Kim Kardashian-West is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. She is easily one of the most influential and well-recognized public figures in modern culture.  Not only has she established herself as a reality TV star, but she has also received recognition for the release of a mobile app, clothing line, and makeup brand. Kardashian-West is not just a socialite or TV personality. As an entrepreneur that continues to expand her empire and brand, she sets a good example of how to remain relevant and successful in a fast-paced business environment.


  1. Keep Family Close

The Kardashian family, as seen on their long-running reality television series, is known for their close bonds with one another.  When you are invested in stressful matters such as your career, it is easy to disconnect from others.  However, Kim makes an effort to maintain her strong relationships with her family members.  This is certainly a lesson that should be taught to any entrepreneur or professional.  More than anybody else, your family will consistently love and support you. Never overlook the importance of familial connections because these people have been with you since the beginning, and have the powerful ability to keep you grounded.  


  1. Use Social Media

We live in a society which continues to place more and more emphasis on technology. Social media websites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are no longer just platforms for teens to interact with friends. These accounts have quickly revolutionized into a business environment full of branding, advertising, and sponsorship opportunities.  There is no better example of a businesswoman utilizing social media than Kim Kardashian-West. Through her posts she has been able to strengthen her brand, and receive publicity for her various business ventures. Social media provides entrepreneurs with an amazing opportunity to gain unlimited exposure and connect with people across the globe.  To not use these platforms would be a disservice to yourself and the progression of your brand.  


  1. Expand Your Brand

Like any smart entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian-West has not limited herself to only one sphere of the business world.  She has published a book, opened clothing stores, released perfumes, and most recently, introduced a long-awaited line of makeup products. As a businessperson, you should not be afraid to expand outside your comfort zone; there is truly no restriction on what projects you should undertake. If you specialize in health and fitness, for example, there are a number of industries that would benefit from your influence.  You could start an exercise program, film for a YouTube channel, publish a cookbook, or design athletic clothing.  There is no limit to your imagination, and there are endless opportunities for you to share your talents with the world.  


  1. Do Not Be Discouraged By Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable in both our professional and personal lives. Like us, Kim has experienced her share of missteps. However, unlike the average individual, her errors have been, and continue to be broadcasted on a very public scale. Entrepreneurs can learn from her ability to move forward professionally by making sure that every breakdown or mishap is followed by a breakthrough.  Instead of being discouraged by a failure, accept that you’ve made a mistake, and channel these strong emotions into your work.  


  1. Be Patient

Success does not happen overnight. Creating an influential, lasting brand takes time, dedication and effort. Although it may seem like she has always been a celebrity, Kim Kardashian-West got her start working for the famous. She was first introduced to Hollywood as Paris Hilton’s stylist, but soon began to develop her own brand through her family’s television series, Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s. Even the most successful of people had to begin from somewhere. While it may be discouraging to feel like your efforts have gone unappreciated and unrecognized, realize that by giving up altogether you are ensuring that you never reach a level of success you hoped for.  


Kim Kardashian-West is a controversial public figure because some question her talent and rise to fame.  However, what cannot be doubted is the influence she has made on the business world.  She sets fashion trends, her face is plastered across magazine covers, and products sell out simply from her sponsorship.  She is a truly multi-faceted businesswoman that has mastered the art of marketing and self-branding in a competitive, constantly changing industry. While it is difficult to acquire the same level of achievement as the Kardashian brand, following Kim’s example will allow entrepreneurs to gain exposure, relevancy and profits, which is sure to propel their business to success.

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