How to fix your fatigue: 3 Simple Ways

  1. Exercising

Although we probably want to nap when we feel tired and drowsy, that is the last thing we should do because it will make us feel even more lazy. If you are feeling fatigued, get some fresh air and start moving around. Sitting in the same spot will not help you. Excess sleep makes us tired, but exercise gives us an energy boost. I know that when I workout, my overall energy and mood is better than before. Exercise helps you increase your self confidence, and improves the working efficiency of your heart and muscles.

  1. Yoga

Many forms of exercise will help you get rid of fatigue, but yoga has some special powers. Yoga and meditation gives you self-confidence, energy, sanity, and everything in between. On days where I am not in the right mood, I do yoga in my front yard to clear my mind and gain some energy. The combination of mind and body work will give you the energy boost that you need.

  1. Drink Water

Dehydration is one of the causes of fatigue. It is very important to drink a consistent amount of water each day. Each action you do drains some energy from you, even if its cleaning around the house. Giving your body the right source of fuel is important so that you are able to move. Drinking sugary drinks or skipping out on water will not give you the needed energy for the day.


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