The Importance of Forgiveness



Give Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the ability to look beyond your anger and negative energy in order to pardon someone of a misdeed. While it may seem like a simple action in practice, it takes a significant amount of courage to replace hostility with genuine compassion for the person who has done the wronging.  However difficult it may be to forgive others, the incorporation of this process into your life will prove entirely beneficial to the health of your mind, heart and soul.

Holding onto grudges is very spiritually and mentally damaging. Refusing to grant forgiveness forces us to shelter our feelings of bitterness, infusing our psyche with negative energy.  This may encourage the introduction of disease into our lives, resulting in physical illness, or the equally harmful deterioration of a positive soul. Although it is true that forgiveness grants a sense of freedom to the guilty party, it also frees you and your soul of the burden of pent up anger.

This lesson is often the foundation for spiritual practices, and rightfully so.  Without forgiveness, we are clinging to grudges that refuse to let us move on with our lives.  I always share with my clients the importance of learning this practice.  However, this is often one of the hardest lessons for them to grasp because they feel that by practicing forgiveness, they are showing weak character and will be easily manipulated in the future.  Yet, the opposite is true. Forgiving requires you to have enough control over your emotions to lift blame. This show of strength is something that that those around you will certainly recognize and admire.

Forgiveness does not always involve the pardoning of other people.  In many cases, the person you must forgive is yourself. Coming to terms and finding peace with your own faults will allow you to form a stronger, more positive relationship with yourself, and consequently others too.  While it may seem like excusing missteps benefits the wrongdoer, above all, forgiveness is something you must do for you to make your life happier and healthier.

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