Money is very powerful and ambiguous. It can change someone from being happy to sad, or good-hearted to wicked. Money is the cause of many arguments, breakups, divorces, and family problems. Why is money so powerful? People have a lot of pride when it comes to an abundance of money. Living in Los Angeles, I am surrounded by a lot of people with wealth and fame. They might make it a priority in life to show off how much they have, but that is not something I believe in. I truly emphasize humbleness. Be happy with what you have, and don’t worry about others have.
There is a saying,“Money is the root to all evil.” I completely agree with this saying and everything it entails. Many of us believe that buying things will bring us happiness in life and that it will solve all of our problems. When we work hard and earn money, we feel like we deserve to make ourselves happy by buying a new accessory. Or, when we are sad, we resort to buying new things or splurging on whatever we can at the moment. Even though buying a new designer bag will make us happy, the happiness is only temporary. The first month when you step out with the new bag, it will make you happy. After that, the object is worthless to you and the problem you originally had is still there. You need things in life that will make you permanently happy, not a temporary buzz. Family, friends, contentment, life, and adventure are what should make you happy. Of course we need to think about money sometimes, but it should not be our priority in life. Of course, we need money for everyday essentials like food, clothing, and shelter — but we must view it as a means to an end and not the basis of everything in our lives. We have to keep in mind that our children mimic us, so if we are always worrying about money and materialistic items, they will grow up thinking that money is more important than it is. We often believe that celebrities with loads of money live the most comfortable and easy lives. The truth is, money is the root of most of their problems. Money can mess with your pride and well-being.
It is very possible to live a happy life with a little amount of money. Some of the happiest people I know do not have a lot of money and are the happiest and appreciate life and the simple blessings around them. They enjoy their family, friends, life, city, work and everything in between.
In conclusion, remember that yes, you need money to survive everyday life but it should not become an obsession. Realize that money cannot buy true happiness. The abundance you gain from the experiences you have and the relationships with those around you are worth more than money!
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