How To Be Present on Social Media and in Your Own Life


Not So Social Media

The influence of social media is present in almost every aspect of our lives. Presidential candidates use Twitter to garner support for their campaigns, businesses gain exposure by posting pictures of their products on Instagram, and friends reconnect and interact with one another via Facebook.  This new technological era gives us the ability to network globally by providing a platform to share and hear ideas. While social media provides us with a certain ease of access, there is certainly a downside to this modern-day development. We have become so concerned with being active on social media that we neglect our real lives. In light of this increasingly relevant problem, here are my 5 tips to staying present on social media while remaining present in your own life.


1. Schedule Social Media Time

Scrolling through your timeline on Twitter or Instagram can easily become addicting, so I suggest that you establish a daily limit for yourself.  Be honest with yourself, so set a practical goal that you have a chance of achieving.  Try to limit yourself to 1-2 hours of social media browsing a day to prevent yourself from becoming too distracted.


2. Use Fewer Social Media Sites

Some get too occupied with their online presence because they are busy managing several different social media accounts.  Creating content and remaining present on so many different platforms can become tiresome and time-consuming.  By choosing to remain active on one or two accounts, you will not only be less occupied but your posts will be more genuine and well thought out.


3. Turn Off Your Notifications

By turning off the notifications you receive from social media sites, you are less likely to be tempted to browse.  I’m sure everyone at some point or another has been out with someone when a notification popped up on their screen. This may seem like an open call to check your account, but doing so is rude to the person you are with. Do yourself and your company a favor: reduce the temptation, and turn off those notifications.


4. Turn OFF the Phone

If the lack of notifications still cannot free you from the iron grip of social media, try turning off your phone entirely. When you are at an event such as a family dinner, date, or concert try powering down your phone.  This will entirely eradicate the temptation to take a “quick” peek at your account.  You will find that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience and the people accompanying you.


5. Reward Yourself

Rewards provide us with the motivation to address our responsibilities. If you are struggling to complete a certain task, use your phone as encouragement to finish.  Silence your phone and place it face down, and once you finish your work, you may go on social media. In doing this, you not only get the pleasure of browsing online, but you are also making sure that you are being productive.


The empowering and transformative nature of social media simply cannot be denied. However, despite their clear appeal, these networking sites are slowly beginning to control our lives in a negative fashion. Interact with others instead of scrolling through your timeline.  Experience the event instead of taking pictures or videos to post the entire time. Social media is undoubtedly an amazing resource available to us; so I understand your desire to remain present on these sites. However, please do keep these tips in mind should you feel that your social media is beginning to distract you from living your own life.

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