How Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight



Add Meditation, Subtract Weight

We live in a society in which we tend to follow popular trends and listen to generalized advice that is not tailored to our individual interests.  This is especially true for those motivated to lose weight.  Each body has a unique makeup, and has different needs. However, the publicized success of certain weight loss methods prompts individuals to embrace dieting methods that may be effective for others, but not themselves. I have found that one of the main reasons that people find themselves overweight is because they are attempting to adopt a lifestyle that does not necessarily align with their own. Fitness is extremely personal. First and foremost,  you must consider actions and your goals. One method that not only promotes weight loss, but also encourages a focus on one’s self, is meditation. This practice is simple, effective and easily incorporated into your daily lifestyle.

I highly recommend meditation for weight loss because it shifts the individual’s attention from other and to themselves.  Often times, when people are desperate for a solution to their weight loss struggles they turn to the widely publicized, or trending diets for a quick fix.  However, these individuals are choosing to rely upon extreme weight loss mechanisms to bring about exterior change, when their attention should be directed towards improving their inner being.  At the root of the majority of weight loss problems is an unstable or weak mind.  It is easy to fabricate excuses as to why you feel unhealthy, and refuse to take responsibility for your lack of happiness with yourself. However, through meditation, you are forced to shift your attention to your internal self.  Meditation prompts you to heighten your self-awareness, synonymously quieting the noise of outside influences.  A fit lifestyle requires a strong mind and soul. I am a firm believer that through the practice of meditation, you will become more aware of your thoughts and actions, including those related to food and fitness.

While meditation alone is not enough to help you lose weight, it does initiate a great lifestyle change that will result in a healthier relationship between you and weight loss.  Many dieting methods, such as juicing and fasting propose extreme changes that only provide short term solutions to your weight loss struggles. However, meditation, once incorporated into your lifestyle, will bring about long-term changes to your health.  This practice not only promotes weight loss by lowering high blood pressure and stress levels, but also lead to notable improvements to your mental health and self-awareness. To many, the idea of weight loss is scary and daunting. However, the solution to achieving a healthier and happier you is actually quite manageable. By making the simple addition of meditation to your routine, you will experience great loss — weight-loss that is!

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