Fun Activities for the Summer

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The summer is a beautiful time of the year. Late nights, floral designs, cold drinks, endless time, and self- exploration. What I love most about the summer is the infinite amount of activities around me that could be done in the perfect weather. Living in Los Angeles is definitely an advantage, but it’s easy to appreciate the nature regardless of your location.

I like to take advantage of the nature and ambiance around me anywhere I go. One activity I find myself frequently doing is running outside. I love to find different trails, whether it is by the beach, on a mountain, or in the city, and enjoy the gorgeous view that comes a long with it. Running is a convenient activity because you do not have to live in a certain part of the globe to do it; it can be done whether you live in California, New York, or Idaho. It is also a competent sport that is accessible to most people. You can easily make running a social activity. Invite a few friends over to run by the new trail in your city to “breathe it all in.” You will soon find out how soothing this activity can be in the summer.

Surfing is another entertaining activity for the summer. It is important to surf at the right time because waves can be larger and more difficult at specific times. Every wave has a different feeling that cannot be put into words. When the sun is blazing heat, it is really refreshing to be in the ocean and soak up the sun. You can even make the beach a day trip and spend the whole day doing different activities by the beach. Even if you do not know how to surf, taking lessons with your friends will become a memorable experience. Surfing is definitely scary at first, but it is very rewarding to accomplish something challenging.

When I want to relax in the summertime, I like to take road trips or day trips to nearby cities. This does not result in spending a lot of money because you can go in the early morning and come back at night so that you don’t have to pay for a night at a hotel. Get creative. Research beautiful and adventurous cities around you and find the perfect day to drive down. Driving with the windows down, listening to music, talking to friends, and feeling the fresh breeze hit my face is what I look forward to. Even if it is not far away, there is a satisfying feeling about being away from home and leaving all the stress of our lives behind us. It is pleasant to visit a place you have never been to before.

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