Wake Up With Me Series Pt. 1- From Craziness to Sanity


Scenario 1:

So your alarm rings at 6 AM, announcing the start of your busy day. You let it ring and ring until 6:15 before you drag your legs out from under the warmth of your covers, and put your feet into your slippers. Yawning and stretching, your drowsy thoughts move over to your phone. You grab it from the bedside table, and immediately flip through your emails. After making sure the world hasn’t ended during your slumbers- which it didn’t, thank goodness- you fling on your robe to greet your coffee machine.After brewing a perfect coffee- with 2 tablespoons of sugar and a dollop of cream added to it- you spend some time checking up on the world’s latest gossip. Kimye are just peachy, thanks.

Time to wake up the munchkins. Once you have managed to drag their sleepy cuteness out of bed, a hectic, rushed breakfast begins. Since we are all busy and important people of course, all we have time for is the kids’ favorite, storebrand cereal. These usually contain large amounts of sugar and artificial flavorings, and ingredients nobody can pronounce. When all is said and done, the kids packed up and dropped off at school, you get ready for work. Before you make it to work, first you make a quick stop at your favorite coffee shop for yet another- obviously needed- caffeine injection. Then to work you go.

Scenario 2:

So your alarm rings at 5 AM, announcing the start of your busy day. After just one piercing ring, your hand slams on the off button, and you spring lively out of bed. The previous night saw that you had a spectacular night’s sleep, giving you a rather “Superman” like burst of morning energy. You wipe the cobwebs from your eyes, maybe shake them out of your hair, and head for the kitchen to make some warm, detoxifying morning drink. Once your tea is brewed- my personal recipe, hot lemon tea with goji berries-, the relaxing aroma filling your nostrils, you make your beslippered and berobed way over to your favorite “calm spot.” When you have settled yourself comfortably- maybe even lighted your favorite scented candles for good measure- shut your eyes, clear your mind of all thoughts, gather the energy to yourself, and begin your morning meditation.

Why meditation, you ask? There are more than 200 reasons why, but I will spare you the long lecture, and give you a few of the reasons to get hooked on it. Then you won’t need 200 reasons, just one- because you feel awesome. Meditating provides exceptional benefits to all of the major categories of human existence: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

Physical Benefits:

1. By taking consistent deep breaths, which is the core of any meditation practice, you increase the circulation of oxygen to the muscles.

2. Reduce muscle fatigue and tension.

3. Scientifically proven to lower high blood cholesterol due to its stress-reducing benefits.

Emotional Benefits:

1. Less irritable

2. Gives you the feeling of being in control of the reins your emotions.

3. Less of an agressive, reactive personality.

4. Allows you to have a clearer perspective when faced with anything life brings your way, so that you can better manage it.

 Mental Benefits: 

1. Gives you more focused mental clarity.

2. Allows your once, securely locked creativity to emerge free.

3. Rids you of stress and anxiety and gives you peace of mind.

4. Brings out the negative emotions that you have buried deep inside for years, forcing you to deal with them, and transform them to their positive counterpart.

Spiritual Benefits:

1. Makes you more aware of self.

2. Gives you a sixth sense.

3. Connects you to the energy of life.

4. Connects you to your greater sense of purpose.

Best part is, meditation is completely free of charge, and doesn’t require any special equipment. It can be done anywhere, at any given moment, and it is not time consuming. After meditating 10- 30 minutes getting your mind to that spot of utter peace and calmness, and have filled yourself with the energy of life, time to wake up the munchkins.

You will find, after this morning routine, that what could promise to be a hectic hussle to get out the door, will instead be a calm glide through your routine. Not only will you have time to shower and get yourself ready for work, you will also find the time to create a healthy breakfast for you and your children- one that is charged with superfood, energy, and nutritious substances that will keep you going strong throughout the day. You will feel energized, in control, awakened, alert, and ready for anything your day brings. What a grand day you can certainly expect.

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