Start with Change



The more knowledge I have the more I start to realize how little I know about the world. Be conscious of every moment in life. Let your mind aspire to reaching your individual goals. There are so many obtainable opportunities, but you need to be willing to take a risk. While collaborating with a new literary agent, it was difficult to let my guard down. I was not open-minded and blind to different perspectives. Change is a demanding concept that can take up some of your energy. We’ve had different experiences in life and we all overcome contrasting obstacles. It is now time to let go of our old habits and give change a chance.


Working with someone new has opened my eyes to new teachings. When you let go of trying to control everything you enable opportunities for the creative and learning process to take place. You are the only one inhibiting yourself from your own achievement. You must let go, in order to let the new opportunities in.


Let me ask you a question. Is there anything in life you have been dreaming of doing, but it hasn’t happened? It is time to write a new chapter, a new beginning. nging your path does not mean you are losing anything. Be open to listen and learn, and watch how many opportunities come knocking on your front door. Ask yourself, what is stopping your dream from happening, and try to let it.

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