Mazel Tov To My Starting at MindBodyGreen


Hello clients, subscribers, and readers,

I hope that y’all are staying cool during this hot summer, sitting by your pool drinking a cold papaya-coconut smoothie (, enjoying a romantic picnic with your love (, or having a delightful brunch and indulging your sweet tooth with some of my guilt-free chocolate pudding (, washing it down with a glass of home made almond milk (

I am excited to announce to you that I have become an regular contributor to (, a website whose mission it is to revitalize the way people eat, move, and live. It has 1.3 million unique visitors on a monthly basis ( ) ( ). This is an amazing opportunity, to be able to write for this fantastic website that is a leader in the wellness industry. Many celebrities such as Dr. Frank Lipman, Amber Valleta, Dan Harris, and many more. Hope you will follow my posts, and share with your friends and online community.

Peace and happiness,


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