Forget Your New Year’s Resolution!


With two decades of training men and women of all different body types, area codes, tax brackets, comes the same New Year’s Resolution, year after year. I have witnessed a pattern from Thanksgiving to December 31st. Binge. Eat. Shop. Repeat. It starts with the big turkey and mashed potatoes to the bottle of champagne and everything in between. With January 1st, comes the determination to lose the weight and get in the best shape of your life. I have heard it all from The Atkins diet, to the Paleo, to the South Beach. Sound familiar? The biggest mistake you can make here with these diets, is sacrifice your immediate weight loss, for your long-term health. Your “New Year” will end up the same as your last one did; with lots of weight left to lose and no health gained. For the sake of your health, do not fall into the “diet” trap this New Year’s! Do not repeat the diet cycle, lose this diet mentality. Get rid of the extreme that got you there in the first place. By valuing your self worth and self respect, you will not be in this same position, with so much at stake, next year. With Sima’s Transform Method, change your lifestyle, not your diet.

Curious about Sima’s Transform Method? It includes a healthy, innovative approach, to make you healthy and keep the weight off. For good! Your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and transform should, and now can, be in YOUR hands. Not in the hands of a trendy diet. Sima breaks it down reflective of mind, body, soul, with “Sima’s 3 S’s”:

SELF: Do not let your mind rest assured on some temporary diet. Plan your days, YOU are in control! Set aside 45 minutes of your day to exercise and meditate. Carpe Diem.

SWEAT: Your body has to move! Get active not just for the month of January, but stay active moderately throughout the entire year!

SUBSTANCE: Do not cut out any foods cold turkey. This causes binge eating, and you cannot afford to gain back 2x the weight you lost! Eat carbs, proteins, healthy fats and sugars, the whole food pyramid! All in moderation.

Start at your own pace, do not follow a quick diet. A quick diet, only means you will gain back the weight quickly. Instead, make your New Year’s resolution to have a mind, body, and soul of great, harmonious HEALTH. Your mind will be clear, your body will be thankful, and your soul will be vibrant. Make your lifestyle reflective of your great health. You can transform, not just lose 5 pounds.

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