8 MORE Ways to Lose Weight Fast

1. Eat Breakfast
Duh! You’ve been asleep and fasting for eight hours, and this meal feeds your body for the first time in a new day! Plus studies show that eating breakfast actually kickstarts your metabolism and helps you lose weight faster. Just make sure your breakfast contains complex carbs (such as oatmeal). If you find you’re still hungry, add some protein (like eggs) and veggies (greens are always best).
2. Keep Eating!
Don’t stop with breakfast! You should be eating throughout the day, about five times. Three meals and two snacks, to be precise. Focus on lean proteins, whole grains, lots of veggies, and some fruit. Avoid the white carbs, and eat red meat sparingly. When you eat often, you feed your body at a rate that makes it comfortable releasing the fat and toxins. You also keep yourself from feeling hungry and deprived, which will help you avoid those nasty cravings.
3. Sweat It Out
If you could get in 45 minutes of cardio, 4-6 times per week, you’ll not only feel great… you’ll look fabulous! Take a bike ride, jog, hike, swim, do some jumping jacks, or even walk your dog. The point is, get moving! The more you move, the more you remind your body that it’s okay to get rid of toxins, stress, and water weight.
4.  Indulge!
You have to allow yourself to have the things you love, bottom line. Whether it’s dessert, a cocktail, or your favorite bar food, giving yourself some freedom to indulge will help with your cravings, and just generally make you feel better that day. So if there is a particularly hard day of the week for you, have a cheat meal that day! And don’t worry or stress, because one dessert won’t hinder your progress.
5. Coffee? Black, Please!
Hello, all my coffee lovers! Having a delicious latte every now and then is A-OK. But if you make it a daily habit, you should realize that you are packing on the fat and calories. Even if you think you’re having “skinny” coffee, small 12 oz. drinks are 100 calories! Instead, try a few cups of black coffee with a flavored creamer. That way, you still get your caffeine and your flavor!
6. Stop Obsessing
Stop weighing yourself every five minutes, stop counting calories, and quit eliminating entire food groups from your diet. Listen to your body! Obviously you don’t want to overdo it, but keep this in mind: it usually takes about 20 minutes for your body to realize you’re getting full. Take smaller bites, eat smaller meals, and eat at the same time every day, because it establishes a healthy pattern that your body can get used to. And if your body says “I’m hungry!”, you should listen. If you don’t, it could backfire in the form of binge eating.
7. Refocus
Stress and anxiety can easily keep you from your goals. In fact, stress signals thousands of hormones in our bodies, and this can harm your metabolism. Focus on something other than the number on the scale while you’re trying to lose weight. Maybe it’s a hobby, a volunteer project, or a career goal. Whatever you do, don’t stop eating and don’t stop exercising. Pass the time thinking about things that make you happy and fulfilled, and watch the pounds melt away!
8. One Size Does Not Fit All
You want to fit into those size 2 jeans. I get it. But that doesn’t mean your body wants to be there! Our bodies often go right to the size they want us to be without our strong effort. Just focus on eliminating unhealthy sugars and fats and other poor sources of nutrition, and getting some consistent exercise, and your body will find its ideal weight by itself. Believe me… if there is one thing you can trust to tell you what’s true, it’s your body!
Let me know in the comments if this post resonated with you and if you have any questions or tips I haven’t already covered!
To your health,

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