6 Simple Ways Donald Sterling Could Have Avoided This Mess


6. Spend his first waking moment, as a proud Jew, to say the Ani Lefanecha prayer and bless the day. ( In case you forgot: Modeh anee lefanecha melech chai vekayam, she-he-chezarta bee nishmatee b’chemla, raba emunatecha.)

5. Spend his second waking moments meditating to clear his head from the previous day’s baggage. With a clear head, he would avoid such monumental mistakes as a “texty” with V. I know she and the Clippers would apreciate it

4. Read a damn book. This will help him connect the “1,000 piece” puzzle of his soul, and learn the lessons he is struggling to get. Here are some examples: Course of Miracles– by Marianne Williamson; The Four Agreements– Don Miguel Ruiz; and, Falling into Grace- by Adyashanti.

3. Hire a nice Jewish trainer, with many years of experience, to whip his butt into top shape.  http://www.expresshometrainer.com/product/3d-xcelerated/

2. Have his personal chef prepare Sima’s Green Detox Juice. http://www.expresshometrainer.com/4-best-detoxing-smoothies/

1. Be grateful. Look around at how blessed his life is. Call his children. Stop and smell the roses.

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